The BOE vote on 6/20/2019 was not illegal.  This was a vote to decide where to use our very limited finances (fund teaching positions at other schools or MaST).  Yes, this vote could have eventually led to the closing of MaST, but that formal process and the final vote would have come later.


This vote was prompted by direction of the superintendent and was made with knowledge and approval of BOE legal counsel.  Within a couple hours of the county commissioner vote which resulted in a shortage of funding for MaST, the superintendent was asked to contact MaST students and parents to notify them about what was happening.  (Unfortunately, news of the potential closing had already spread before any correspondence had been sent to parents.)


Following are excerpts from an email by BOE attorney Neil Whitford explaining that the BOE vote was NOT illegal:


“Closing MaST is one of the more complicated procedural situations I have experienced.  I can say this with virtual certainty - the vote on June 20 was not effective to close MaST and the actual wording on the motion recognized that.”


“The June 20 vote was not “illegal,” it was just ineffective to formally close MaST.  It can be said, and I have said it, the vote triggered the formal process of considering closing the school.”  - Neil Whitford (BOE Attorney)


More details of Neil’s email:  2019-07-05_email_from_BOE_attorney_Neil_Whitford_RE_legal_MaST_closing_procedure.pdf


Even more details in a letter to the editor:  2019-07-07_News_Times_-_Defending_the_MaST_closing_process.pdf